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We provide a variety of services for our patients.




We provide a variety of comprehensive diagnostic services utilizing the latest advances in disease detection and monitoring. Our newest instrument, the RTA from Talia, analyzes retinal thickness for earlier detection of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other retinal diseases.


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We treat and monitor a variety of problems according to our patients needs using the very latest developments and equipment in diagnosis and management. Some examples of diseases we treat and monitor are glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye infections, allergies,eye pain, post op laser surgery,dry eye syndrome, and many others. We also use the latest treatments for dry eye syndrome including Restasis, the latest developed to treat dry eyes. We also have new more comfortable punctal plugs to keep the eyes as lubricated as possible without having to use drops.


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Order Contact Lenses Online

Follow this link to order your contacts online : Primaryecp.com/DrMcdonald

We provide the fitting and follow up of contact lenses using the latest fitting technology and the newest lens designs to give you the most comfortable fit with the best possible vision. We use the latest types of contact lenses available including but not limited to soft, disposable, gas permeable, toric, bifocal, tinted, opaque, "Wild Eyes" etc. We always guarantee our fit. If you are unhappy with any aspect of contact lens wear we will refund your lens cost or use it towards the purchase of a pair of glasses. So if you have always wanted to wear contacts its really risk free.



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We want you to absolutely love your new glasses so we provide the latest lens technologies and stylish new frames with unbelievable warrantees. We counsel you as to the various benefits of each frame and lens technology. A few examples of what is available are the new 1.71 hi-index lens material which makes lenses thinner and lighter than ever before and the Transitions plastics which allow your lenses to darken according to the lighting situation. We also carry the latest invisible bifocal designs and use the newest anti-reflective, anti-scratch coating systems. We essentially custom design and build your lenses for our patients' needs.


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We collect used glasses for distribution to the needy in the United States and abroad. Dr. McDonald is very active in doing eye health evaluations and treatment of needy people in different parts of the world. He has treated orphans in Russia and Ukraine, displaced Haitian families in the Dominican Republic, and needy families in and around Cochebamba, Bolivia. Any glasses you would like to donate regardless of power or condition would be greatly appreciated.


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